Believe it or not there is a rising number of STI’s in seniors. Just because you can’t get pregnant doesnt mean you can’t get sexual diseases. So wrap it up with a Durex Silver.

New Packaging to make Durex SIlver easy to open. Along with a new box making it easier to dispense the condoms.

We are showing up in places where elders commonly frequent. Airports, gas stations, coupons, park benches, malls and grocery stores.  
                    We will be showing up in elderly magazines 
                    that are often placed at doctors offices.  

Durex will have a case full of Durex Silver Condoms in the back of the golf cart. 
Freeosk Machine at Sam’s Club. You know elderly people love grocery shopping and free samples. 

| Maya Kahnke
AD | Mellette Mackie
CW | Cameron Norman
ST  | Dominic Millitello